Stanley Clarke

Stan, I enjoyed the show when you came to Blues Alley a couple of months ago featuring Beka , a young pianist and keyboard player ; also the young drummer was great. The CD is great .
I wanted to catch the show at the Birchmere but will not be able to make that date.
However, I wanted to let you know about the hottest venue in DC is the HOWARD Theater. It's a completely renovated venue much akin to the old movie theaters you recall from back in the day with the balcony and huge stage set up, dinner theater set up .
Everything is brand new , sound system is great and they also have top flight AV tech's on board,
So far MArcus Miller , Larry Graham , Gregory Porter, Incognito , Loose Ends and many others have performed there. Full house !
I think this would be a great venue for you to perform in and bring your band . DC still loves you man from the Carter Baron days .
Larry Graham blew it up

I think you would be perfect for their Spring & Summer schedule .
Bro. Ed

Stanley Clarke responded on 02/12/2014

Pass along that my booking agents are The Agency Group in LA. Thanks for the tip.

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